Simple plan to surprise launches writer’s yearlong project

My Brand-new Year introductions begin with a story concerning a gift card, a conversation and also a dream happened.

Not knowing the amount on a gift card, I was delighted that $25 stayed after my acquisition. In laid-back discussion with the cashier, she commented just how she would certainly like a gift card from that shop. The minute to commend her passed before I took action.

If something is implied to be, another opportunity will certainly present itself. Driving to my following task, I contemplated the idea of developing delighted surprises for others and also a straightforward plan materialized. After a pair of quits to obtain products (note cards, printing labels as well as little envelopes) I mosted likely to deal with my new job called Just For YOU, Simply Because.

On the within vivid note cards, I glued little envelopes each containing a $10 expense. A printed tag was attached to the card’s front side with the following: “This gift is for you — — simply because. Its intent is to share the pleasure of receiving a delightful surprise. Use it as you wish as well as might each dollar you spend generously return to you at the very least 10 times in true blessings and excellent fortune. If this made your day, please share the suggestion with others.” Each was secured with a heart sticker label and also a tag on the envelope that claimed, “Simply For You, Just Due to the fact that.”

Christmas day I drove to Santa Ana in the mid-day with 10 envelopes. When I saw an open gasoline station, market, or fast-food area, I quit, went within and also handed the cashier an envelope. No names, no photos, no nothing. My heart is forever inscribed with the significant smile greeting Marquez gave me, not also knowing I had something for her. Exact same with the young woman at a donut store, the clerk at a busy supermarket, the tired-looking male at a mini-mart or the barista caring for numerous coffee-to-go customers at a kiosk inside a drug shop. My last recipient was an elderly woman sitting at a bus stop trying to keep warm. Rapidly I made a U-turn just in advance of her bus, jumped out of my auto and also handed her the envelope just in time. Simply the ideal sensation ever!

It has always been my desire to be a philanthropist when I grew up. For many years, I’ve understood that it’s not how a lot we provide, rather the spirit in which we give it. My purpose is to broaden this project throughout 2019 — — would you such as to join me?

Author, editor and also audio speaker Cheryl Russell is a Town local. Call her at

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