Accounting for Less than 5% of the Global Crop Protection Market in 2014, Biopesticides Expand Rapidly, According to Kline

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PARSIPPANY, N.J., July 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Steered in portion by societal comes to and in portion by regulations, the biopesticides market, once a domain of a niche specialty for organic fruit, greenhouse, and environmentally sensitive homeowner uses, is emerging to a much broader scope. In 2014, the market grows rapidly, posting double-digit growth, according to the recently published Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides report by global market research and consulting firm, Kline.

At $1.6 billion, the biopesticide segment of the market is still much less compared to 5% of the global crop protection industry, however is projected to enhance its share over the next 10 years. every one of countries are projected to grow in the double digits or higher single digits throughout this period. The main driver behind current growth is the advent of microbial seed treatments on field crops, such as corn, soybeans, and cotton.

Microbials are growing faster because of the higher use in the field crop seed treatment. The field crop use of biopesticides has actually grown from a barely measurable placement to the leading segment in end user value in the past decade, now accounting for approximately 34% of the total biopesticides market. Vegetables rank second.

The higher growth fee for field crops is based on the potential for expanding biological seed treatments further in to soybeans and cotton. Field crops and consumer segments offer opportunities for manufacturers because of the receptivity to replacements if performance can easily be documented, and the resources of manufacturers to influence behavior.

Biopesticides are even more fragmented in terms of products and companies compared to the traditional crop protection chemical segment. Kline identifies over 150 companies along with measurable market shares across the nine countries surveyed. The top 48 companies, mainly smaller sized specialized firms, only account for 60% of the biopesticide market, offering plenty of room for consolidation.

In addition, the entrance in to the market by Bayer and BASF through acquisition tends to legitimize the category. Bayer is now the leading identifiable supplier of biopesticides globally. The Sumitomo subsidiary Valent BioSciences has actually had a lasting presence in the sector, ranking a distant second. Several others are showing signs of interest.

Dennis Fugate, Industry Manager of Kline’s Agriculture/Specialty Pesticides Practice, states, “Kline defines biopesticides based on regulatory definitions, which means that the category entails microbials, biochemicals such as fatty acids, plant extracts such as pyrethrum, and natural substances such as diatomaceous earth. So it is a broader definition compared to is frequently used. In addition to crop markets, Kline’s report entails non-crop market segments, such as consumer over-the-counter, pest control, turf, and forestry; segments not frequently covered in this kind of reporting.”

This report focuses on biopesticides that have actually direct pesticidal activity. The primary categories of biopesticides as defined in this report are bacteria, protozoa, yeasts, fungi, bacteriaphages, and plant extracts, chemical biopesticides, bodily barriers and abrasives. This report provides profiles of the companies involved in biopesticides, the products and uses these companies have actually developed, the approximate market dimensions by end-use crop and non-crop, plus an outlook for future technologies and products that are being developed.

Join us for a complimentary and insightful webinar on the findings from the recently published Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides report on Wednesday, July 22 at 9:30 AM EDT.  If you would certainly enjoy to join us, you might click here to register.

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Kline is a global consulting and research firm dedicated to providing the sort of tips and knowledge that helps companies locate a clear road to success. The firm has actually served the management consulting and market research requires of organizations in the agrochemicals, chemicals, materials, energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries for over 50 years. For a lot more information, visit

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Stanford offers new online course in stem cell therapeutics

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STANFORD, Calif., July 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Recent developments in stem cell research give enormous potential for the field of regenerative medicine.  Researchers are exploring exactly how stem cell therapeutics may be able to treat and possibly even reverse the effects of several debilitative diseases including Alzheimer’s, type 1 diabetes and muscular dystrophy.

Working professionals can easily now learn concerning the research and breakthroughs pioneered at Stanford University through Stanford’s latest professional education course, Stem Cell Therapeutics. Offered entirely online, the path will certainly arrive the discovering of cell-based therapies and exactly how they are created and delivered.

Michele Calos, Professor of Genetics in the School of Medicine at Stanford, leads a group of path instructors. Professor Calos’ Job is focused on advancing the science and clinical application of stem cell therapy using sequence-individual integration systems. “Our dream is to make therapies in the lab that are translatable to clinical use,” she says. “A few of the laboratory strategies we will certainly share along with path participants have actually a actual opportunity to evolve in to clinical trials to treat A few of the worst diseases of humankind.”

Available online from anywhere in the world, the path is a newly added elective to the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate. Faculty from Stanford’s School of Medicine, a globe leader in the fields of genetics, genomics and personalized medicine, teach within the program. Guest lecturers give industry insight.

The dramatic expansion and acceleration of genetics and genomics research provides tremendous opportunity for professionals in the science-medical space. The certificate program and this brand-new online stem cell path are well suited to medical sales representatives, R&D managers and brand-new product teams, technology and VC leaders as well as medical practitioners.

Stem Cell Therapeutics will certainly introduce participants to making ways of restoring organ and tissue function for the treatment of chronic diseases, genetic disorders and severe injuries. Participants will certainly learn exactly how to identify various sources of stem cells, the crucial components of gene editing, and practices for designing and generating human iPS cells.

Other online genetics course topics in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate program include:

  • gene therapy
  • agricultural biotechnology
  • genetic engineering
  • personalized medicine
  • understanding cancer

Acceptance in to the online certificate program is ongoing and participants might apply through the Stanford Focus for Professional Development. Details can easily be found at

About the Stanford Focus for Professional Development
The Stanford Focus for Professional Development makes it feasible for today’s ideal and brightest professionals to enroll in Stanford University courses and programs while they keep their careers. Courses and programs from the School of Engineering and related Stanford departments are delivered online, at Stanford, at company Job sites and global locations—providing a global community of learners along with flexibility and convenience, and enabling them to apply their education to their work.


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New Study Examines Advisory Board Effectiveness for Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Organizations

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — An advisory board is a useful asset for pharmaceutical organizations as they seek informed assistance on a number of company issues, from drug improvement to marketing. As they seek to grow their business, leaders of mid-sized pharmaceutical companies have to guarantee they structure their advisory boards appropriately and invest optimal resources.

Research and consulting leader Finest Practices, LLC recently undertook a study to aid pharmaceutical and medical device executives at mid-sized companies in determining methods to Finest use the knowledge of advisory boards. The study delivers leading insights and metrics on the very best structure for various types of advisory boards, selection of advisory board participants, and the cost and operational benchmarks for operating advisory boards.

A well run advisory board needs adequate investment in resources and operations. To optimize the return on investment it is necessary for pharmaceutical professionals to guarantee that the quality of meetings and the dialogue along with the board is excellent. This research is created for industry leaders seeking methods to Finest use the knowledge of advisory boards.

Conducted at the end of 2014 to capture the most up to date state of affairs in pharma’s approach to advisory boards, the research study made “Benchmarking Advisory Board Management at Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Organizations.” The report, which involves Total Benchmark Class and Mid-Sized Firm Segment perspectives, contains reliable industry metrics on vital complications affecting advisory boards such as structure, participant selection, and cost.

The research illustrates:

  • Best Structure for Various Types of Advisory Boards
  • Selection of Advisory Board Participants
  • Benchmarking Operations Of Advisory Boards
  • Cost Of Conducting Advisory Boards
  • Top Challenges & Finest Practices Of Conducting Advisory Boards

Leaders responsible for overseeing or operating advisory boards can easily usage this study to evaluate exactly how their routine stacks up versus industry averages and trends.

The study’s data is based on 35 survey responses from medical affairs, marketing and patient advocacy leaders at 29 biopharmaceutical & medical device companies. Segmentation analysis was vital to examining trends and efficient practices. Twelve participants at nine companies comprise the mid-sized Firm segment. Extra deep-dive interviews were conducted along with seven chosen executives that participated in the study.

To learn a lot more concerning this report, download a complimentary report excerpt at

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Best Practices, LLC is a leading benchmarking and advisory services firm serving pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide. Finest Practices, LLC’s clients consist of every one of the top 10 and most of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. The firm conducts primary research and uses its comprehensive benchmarking tools and executives interviews to form the basis for our Benchmarking Reports and advisory services utilized by top executives. Finest Practices, LLC believes in the profound principle that organizations can easily chart a path to superior economic performance by studying the very best company practices, operating tactics and winning strategies of world-class companies.


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Enzyme in cosmetic products can act as allergen via the skin

Papain is an essential business protein-degrading enzyme who is used, with example, in the meals after that cosmetic industries. As quickly as people or pets can be found in call along with papain, tough allergic reactions of the skin can easily be the result, as scientists have actually located out.

Turnstone Biologics Announces Enrollment in Landmark Oncolytic Vaccine Trial

Marabex™ trial to assess the safety of a novel tumour-targeted oncolytic virus vaccine in patients along with advanced sturdy tumours

TORONTO, July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Turnstone Biologics Inc. (“Turnstone” or the “Company”), a FACIT portfolio company, has actually announced the ongoing enrollment of the Marabex™ clinical trial assessing the safety and immune responses in patients along with advanced or metastatic, MAGE-A3-expressing sturdy tumours.    

Harnessing the patient’s immune system is a promising Brand-new avenue in the fight versus cancer that continues to garner considerable energy and excitement. Turnstone’s technology platform, Marabex™, is a novel approach that combines the incentives of oncolytic viral therapy along with a tumour-targeted vaccine in to a single intravenously-delivered treatment to boost potency and raise patient outcomes. Preclinical studies using this Brand-new strategy have actually demonstrated unprecedented immune responses versus tumours and builds on recent clinical validation of oncolytic viruses, positioning the Marabex™ technology to expand the boundaries for Brand-new treatments and incentive a large group of patients.

This very first landmark trial is a world’s initial to combine two viruses, one offered intravenously, in to a single anti-cancer vaccine therapy. The clinical trial is managed by the NCIC Clinical Trials Group along with financial support from the Ontario Regional BioTherapeutics Routine (ORBiT) at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). As Turnstone was produced to accelerate and steward the broader clinical development of the Marabex™ technology platform, this trial additionally forms the basis of multiple upcoming clinical studies exploring the potential of the Marabex™ oncolytic vaccine in combination along with various other emerging immune therapies and standard cancer therapies. 

A media event announcing the clinical trial was held this morning at The Ottawa Hospital, along with Turnstone’s academic and clinical partners too as the Company’s founding scientists in attendance. The Marabex™ platform integrates breakthrough discoveries supported by OICR, FACIT, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute, McMaster University, The Ottawa Hospital, and the University of Ottawa. This clinical trial highlights the opportunities associated along with multi-institutional collaborations and OICR’s innovative translational research platforms.    

“We congratulate our colleagues in the ORBiT Routine at CHEO, McMaster and The Ottawa Hospital for initiating this essential clinical trial. We expect building upon these essential scientific findings to arrive this and various other promising technologies from the Marabex™ platform, and achieving our mission to boost the lives of patients along with cancer,” remarked Jeff Courtney, Turnstone’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of FACIT.

About the Marabex™ Trial
This Phase I/IIa multicenter trial is enrolling up to 79 patients along with recurrent sturdy tumours expressing the MAGE-A3 tumor associated antigen. The trial is supported by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and coordinated by the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group. Initially, up to 24 patients will certainly receive either Adenovirus expressing MAGE-A3 or a derivative of the Maraba virus, additionally expressing MAGE-A3. The remainder of the patients will certainly receive the 2 viruses using a heterologous prime-increase vaccination strategy, along with dosing separated by a two-week interval. The trial will certainly characterize the safety profile of the Maraba oncolytic vaccine, clinical activity and anti-tumor immune response. Added details Concerning the trial are available at NCIC Clinical Trials Group and

FACIT is an independent business trust established by OICR to undertake development and commercialization tasks related to cancer research, products and drug discovery. For much more information, please visit the website at or email     

About Turnstone Biologics
Turnstone Biologics Inc. is a biotechnology company focussed on creating treatments for cancer that harness the patient’s own immune system. Turnstone’s lead cancer immunotherapy technology, Marabex™, is a first-in-class tumour-targeted oncolytic vaccine that combines potent tumour killing effects of the Maraba oncolytic virus along with the incentives of a cancer vaccine. Turnstone is additionally creating Added oncolytic virus strategies and immunotherapy combination treatments. For much more information, please visit   

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